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Tax Planning Strategies During Market Pullbacks

It’s very natural to become nervous and unsettled during stock market pullbacks like we are in currently. We get asked often if there is anything people should be doing when the market is down. Often times the answer is no – we focus on building high-quality portfolios that are sturdy enough to make it through these environments, and plan for bear markets and regular pullbacks in your financial plans....

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Capital Gains & Losses - More Tax Planning

Deciding to sell a portfolio position should primarily be an investment decision rather than a tax decision; however, understanding the implications of that sale can help investors strategically prepare for the timing of a transaction.

Understanding how to apply the income tax brackets will help an individual determine their capital gains tax bracket and effectively, how much they can expect to owe in taxes. Capital gains are stacked on top of ordinary income when applying the income tax brackets. In other words, the last dollar of ordinary taxable income will determine the rate at which the first dollar of net long-term capital gains (and qualified dividends) is taxed.......

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Education Series Videos

As you probably know, John & David teach several retirement planning and Social Security classes at USI each year.  These classes cover a variety of topics, including estate planning, investments, taxes, education planning, Medicare, and much more.  The Passport to Retirement class offers 7.5 hours of in-class instruction over a three week period.

As a result of the pandemic, we taught our first virtual class based around Social Security.  We received very good feedback from attendees who enjoyed not only the safety from being virtual this year, but also the convenience of being able to watch from the comfort of their home.

We decided that we would try something new, which is an education series covering a variety of topics we believe are most useful.  John and David plan to record 30-45 minute videos over the next several weeks that you can watch at your convenience if it is something that interests you.  The first one recorded talks about some of the basics of estate planning.  A link is included below if you would like to watch.

Things to take Note of in 2022 video - Added 3/11/2022

Michelle Vanover and Kim Vollman go over updated Required Minimum Distribution details for 2022, as well as 529 information, Qualified Charitable Distributions from IRA, Roth Conversions, and other tax related information.  This video is a must if you want an annual reminder or an update on changes in processing.

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<h2><span>A 360 view of Baird On Line - Organizing Your Finances - added 2/23/2022</span></h2>

A 360 view of Baird On Line - Organizing Your Finances - added 2/23/2022

Please join Baird's Technology Solutions Consultants, Andy Krogstad & Michelle Dowling for an overview of BairdOnline and 360 Wealth. We’ll explore key features and functionality available to you through the online platform.

Topics for discussion:

  • 360 Wealth and Planning
  • E-Delivery Preferences
  • Secure Document Exchange
  • Tax Documents
  • Account Performance
  • Account Sharing
  • Account Nicknames
  • Account Grouping
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Safeguard Your Digital Estate - added 12/22/2021

Safeguard Your Digital Estate - added 12/22/2021

If you died, what would happen to your email archives, social profiles and online accounts?

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Tax Planning Video

In this 26 minute video John and David discuss opportunities that you can discuss with your tax preparer, including tax brackets, capital gains and qualified dividends, and many other topics.  They also provide some suggestions for possibly reducing your taxable income.   David & John also provide examples of how the information may apply to you.

Baird does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your legal or tax professional for specific information.

Click here to watch Tax Planning Video - Updated 1/20/2022

Roth Conversion Video

In this 37 minute video John and David discuss opportunities related to Roth 401(k)'s, Roth IRA's and why a Roth conversion might be right for you.  They talk about tax implications of Roth contributions, as well as conversions.  There are also many things to consider when looking at a Roth conversion.  Finally, they discuss how our planning program can help you and your accountant to determine if a conversion is right for you.  

Click here to watch Roth Conversion Video - Added 12/7/2021

Early Retirement Health Insurance Options before Medicare Video

This 15 minute video will go over your options for health insurance if you decide to retire early and don't have access to Medicare yet.  Click here to view information regarding Exapnsion of Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit.

Click here to watch the Video for Early Retirement Health Insurance Options before Medicare - added 10/12/21

Social Security Video

To make it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for, here is a list of when the different topics within the Social Security video start:

Agenda: 1:00

Understanding the value of Social Security: 3:40

Will Social Security be there for me?: 8:12

How much can I expect to receive?: 13:10

Spousal benefits: 33:30

Survivor benefits: 39:00

Other considerations: 47:00

Taxation of benefits: 50:20

Earnings test (if still working and drawing Social Security before Full Retirement Age): 59:12

Medicare Part B Considerations: 1:02:36

Will Social Security be enough to live on in retirement? 1:07:45

Social Security Timeline: 1:09:00

Fact Sheet & FAQs: 1:10:04

Closing Comments: 1:17:00

Click here to view Social Security Video - Added 7/8/2021

Long Term Care Video

If you would like to go to a specific section on Long Term Care, here are the section times.  Feel free to skip to what interests you the most.

2:07 - 4:37 What is Long-Term Care

4:37 - 10:05 How Much Does Long-Term Care Cost?

10:05 - 20:47 What Are Your Options to Pay for Long-Term Care?

20:47 - 23:03 Medicare?

23:03 - 31:20 Medicaid

Click here to view Long Term Care Video - Added 5/10/2021

Estate Planning Video

If you would like to go to a specific section on Estate Planning, here are the section times.  Feel free to skip to what interests you the most.

1:20 - 3:10 What's in your Estate?

3:10 - 10:05 Wills & Probate

10:05 - 14:33 Critical Estate Planning Documents

14:33 - 18:07 Payable on Death / Transfer on Death Accounts

18:07 - 21:23 Estate Distribution Options

21:23 - 26:00 Estate Taxes

26:00 - 31:50 Step-Up in Basis vs Carryover Basis Rules

31:50 - 33:30 Gifting Assets

33:30 - 36:20 Intestacy (If you don't have a will or beneficiaries on assets)

36:20 - 37:31 Trusts

37:31 - 42:13 Life Insurance

42:13 - 44:53 Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs)

Click here to view Estate Planning Video - Added 5/5/2021

Monthly Wealth Strategies Webinars from Baird

Baird creates Wealth Strategy videos monthly that cover a wide range of topics. These monthly webinars are designed to educate and offer insights on timely wealth management topics.  These videos cover everything from gifting, to special needs planning, to Medicare.

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